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Welcome to my blog. My name is Guy Shearer and I'm currently blogging about technology in education because it's my main area of work and for a course I'm taking part in at the University of Leicester. All options etc expressed here are my own and not in any way representative of my employer the David Ross Education Trust.

I tweet from time to time as @guyshearer

My hobby is photography and I've shared a selection of photos here.

I blogged for a while at a site called Chromestead primarily about Chromebooks, Google Apps for Education, Office 365 and Open Badges. I now mainly blog on our work eLearning Blog Star Classroom.

I'm really proud to have been involved in writing a number of publications, some of which are available online.

System Redesign 3 (Curriculum Redesign) is about ways in which schools innovated in the way their curriculum was structured to make the kind of learning they wanted to promote easier to achieve (NB it is not in any way a treatise on "what should be in the curriculum" and is I think equally relevant whatever point on the traditionalist to progressive spectrum you stand).

At the same time in my career I worked with the SSAT Futures Vision Group - the branding for the "Disciplined Innovation in Practice" is that of the now defunct QCA and new national curriculum - it was a time where the funding was all around promoting a vision of global dimensions in education and personal learning and thinking skills - but don't let that put you off if you're a practitioner looking for ideas that originate from some of the UK's most innovative schools, this material is the real deal. I organised the conference and acted as editor and lead-writer for the project. The world has moved on since then but the current education landscape in 2016 features many of the people that made significant contributions.

Creative ICT in the Classroom was written with Adrian Horner, Bill How and Cheryl Eyre at the Learning Discovery Centre in Northampton. You can can still buy a copy from Amazon (it even has a CD ROM on the inside cover), (I have a few copies somewhere). A labour of love, the experience of sitting around my dining room table with three wonderful and gifted people is probably much better in my memory than it was at the time, but it was certainly a journey worth making.

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