Thursday, 1 June 2017

Postscript on Flippy Chromebooks

As a quick follow up to my post on the x360 and Acer Spin Chromebooks:

  • Contrary to what I said in the article I ended up using the Acer in preference to the HP day to day because
    • I encountered a glitch with the HP X360 which annoyed me greatly - see below
    • The extra "muscle" of the Acer really counted when I used for video conferencing and wanted to keep quite a few other tabs open. On the HP it was OK, on the Acer it was seamless.
    • Although I prefer the camera in the wrist rest, when I started using them to take photos I found I wanted to take them portrait not landscape, and in that case the Acer camera position is just as good as the HP one.
    • My son thought the Acer looked cooler. I prefer the HP but he has generally got better taste!
  • I understand that the higher memory or the Acer is only for the demo model and the final version on sale will have the same as the HP....
  • I did not get on well with either in flipped mode. In particular on the HP in Google Docs, for some reason I used a pinch to zoom to see a document better and that messed up my ability to click with the trackpad into a location to edit, I had to use the stylus or my finger. After a couple of times this drove me to distraction. As a test I did the same thing on the Acer and didn't have the same glitch. Don't think that proves anything about either device, but it does underline that some areas around the use of Keep, the touchscreen and the stylus are not as polished as I'd expect them to be.

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