Thursday, 28 July 2016

Stream; Report a Problem

I posted about how good I think Microsoft's second private video sharing service "Stream" is and having thought long and hard about the wisdom of forging ahead with further work to deploy Office 365 Video in our network of schools I can only think of one thing the product needs to be 'good enough' to just jump straight to using.

The idea:

Private sharing of video provides a great service - it allows users to create channels, publish video to other users in that community and build a social shell around that. Great for the classroom for teachers sharing work from groups, demonstrations - there's a whole category of material I would not want on the public web but do want to be able to share to specific groups of learners (and vice verse).

Stream offers a fair more organic and user-led approach which I think is much more likely to be adopted and not result in a centrally managed, sterile resource. But as it currently stands all my users can publish video. I've pondered on that - users are not anonymous and if a student wants to share a cat video with a group of friends....  that is not the end of the world - but what would be so simple to do, and would answer a lot of concerns is very simple - a "report a problem button."

Right there next to the 'Fav' button let's add another which says "I'm not happy with this video I think I'd like to report it" - and allow me as 365 admin to nominate a group of people to receive those alerts (ideally with the URL of the video and as much management information about who has viewed it etc as possible). We can then train people, deal with issues as they arise and keep the notion of a 'managed personal learning environment' where we recognise that it is adaptive learners not adaptive learning we're aiming for.

That then places the emphasis on the user community to have educated, sensible behaviour in a managed space, without the draconian limitations of who can publish video (because after all, if they want to share something very dodgy... well they can do that very easily in many places outside our control).

In the absence of...

That may already be on the roadmap. Either way I can't guarantee it will be available for September so we're left with the slightly odd situation of encouraging users to upload content to Office 365 Video knowing it is going to be end-of-life and not knowing how we will migrate that content over - so I really do hope Microsoft will have answer to that (I think they will).

As I said in an earlier post we are using Salamander to sync our MIS to our Active Directory, so every class in every academy will have Office 365 groups and Google Apps groups. For Office 365 Video we are setting up some initial quite coarse grained channels for individual sites (where all members of teachers @ academy name can publish and all people @ academy name can view).

As a starting point we know that will give us a good simple video-sharing service - but Stream is so much better, just not quite there yet.

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