Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Revised Storyboard

Having looked at the comments and revisited some points about the learning design that didn't seem to mesh well as I put together the sample materials, I decided to redo the storyboard. Initially this consisted of taking down the big presentation board and adding some new post its, but it's becoming painfully clear that although an "analogue" approach works well in terms of me doing this in my spare time it wouldn't work outside that, and in any case it makes presenting the course to anyone not sitting across the desk from me a somewhat constrained experience for us both!

I've spent some time therefore putting the storyboard onto one of my favourite online tools - Realtimeboard - not only would this allow colleagues to collaborate on a design with me (synchronously or asynchronously), it also makes producing usable documents easy, and gave me the opportunity to reword and generally tighten everything up. Finally, with one eye on the need to write an assignment in the next few weeks I've introduced a referencing/ numbering scheme for elements of the storyboard that works as:
nAAnn or [courseID]nAAnn
Where the first n is the week number for the element.
AA is the type of element (to date this is TA for topic area, EA for example activity, FA for formative assessment and LO for learning objective, which I've chosen to match the course text, but I expect before using this approach in anger I'd want to have more, and more descriptive categories and sub-categories to make the job of breaking down areas and delegating their design simpler and clearer)
nn is a sequential number to identify each item.
So the first piece of formative assessment, happening in week 2 would either be 2FA01 or (if the course was EDX028) EDX0282FA01.

This is of course all very train-spotterish but in trying to match the theory as set out in the writing about 7Cs and the reality of co-ordinating people in different locations and institutions these things do matter, especially if a goal is reusability.

So I think I am now at 9Cs (I'd call this one C for co-ordinate or collate, my 8th C was consult to reflect the planning to incorporate a situative approach of master-apprentice interaction and learning by watching).

This is my latest version, you can also see the full storyboard on Realtimeboard.

Weeks 0 to 4, please click to see full sized.

Course learning objectives, please click to see full sized.

Weeks 5 to 8, please click to see full sized.

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