Monday, 30 May 2016

Week two Google Classroom Design

The second week of the course is all set for release in the week of the 14th November notionally - Launch Day + 7 days. As before, clicking on the screenshot opens it full time.

The week starts, as does every week, with the reminder/ invitation to join the 4pm to 5pm online seminar. The session will consist of:
  • A discussion and reflection on the previous week as Q&A
  • An introduction to programming in Scratch. Done as a live demo this takes about 20 minutes, however this will probably take longer when done as an online demo as many of the cues and signals that it is OK to push ahead aren't as easy to pick up when you're working over the web.
  • A short discussion of the practical problems of teaching programming, things that concern delegates, can go wrong, break flow and impede progress (and vitally, the capacity to evidence progress), and having given a couple of examples sharing a wiki produced by teachers of effective strategies.
  • A discussion of the week's work, by the end of which delegates will have made their first Scratch program and reflected on ways they may choose to organise lessons for coding.

After the workshop is a "reminder" assignment to spend some time building their own Scratch program and sharing it in the Yammer group.

The next day, a second reminder, this time to review the strategies document and again to use Yammer as a place to identify the one or two ideas that most resonate for them, and discuss them. As tutor the key role in this discussion is to ensure there isn't a "false consensus" of one idea being the only one and challenging and supporting where it is needed. Again, by the Thursday any delegates not posting may need a reminder email or follow up of some kind to make sure everything is OK.

The weekly review is again simple and descriptive in nature. Whether delegates get feedback within the blog or in response to their post in Yammer is immaterial.

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