Sunday, 10 April 2016

Starting with a list of web tools provided and adding those I consider relevant, select three of them that could be relevant to your module/course, describe each of your chosen technologies and explain how you would use them in this module.
The three web technologies I have chosen are Twitter, Google Docs and Movenote.


I'd see Twitter as being a useful tool to develop the agency presence of delegates on the course - strengthening their external network to pick up ideas and bring them to the course materials.

For any staff not using Twitter at the outset I'll ask them to sign up and spend some time explaining how it works using some self-study material, and provide all delegates, whether they are already active Twitter users or not with a number of good twitter feeds relevant to computing in school and programming.

Several e-tivities will take Tweets as starting points for discussing particular resources or types of problem solving activity.

Google Docs

Although Google Docs isn't the focus of the course, it is a valuable part of our teacher's toolkit, so a good opportunity to model it's use within the course can't be wasted.

Several times we will want to produce collaborative work (such as the lesson plan I have based my sample e-tivity on) and Google Docs will fulfil the role of a word processor, using course templates and a basic group Wiki, where we can prepare asynchronously for the activity by posting ideas and links, work together live on the document during a session, alongside our conferencing tool such as, and follow up later as we follow through.


Movenote allows delegates to post a piece of work - be it a pdf, screenshot or other document and as they move through it on the screen, add comments either audio or video. Again, as a valuable part of our teacher's toolkit,  this is a good opportunity to model it's use within the course as well being an excellent tool to express ideas in a much less formal way.

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