Friday, 25 March 2016

Communication and Collaboration in course design

So... for my course design, which is to produce a programme for teachers wanting to learn to plan and deliver courses around coding, I'm onto the next Cs in the 7Cs model - collaboration in particular.

The table above is an assignment - to consider which kinds of collaboration tool will best fit different circumstances.

I see three use-cases for my course, one for each of the three above.

As the delegates will be from a number of different academies and start the course at different times, it will be invaluable to have a discussion forum running constantly - hopefully reducing email as delegates can offer peer-support but also review the different activities, ask questions and informally share ideas and resources that may not yet be finished. I wouldn''t present to use the forum as a tool to measure progress (although feedback for me as course designer from the kind and volume of queries will be useful). I plan to use Yammer for this, as we already have it available on our system and every member of staff has an account with their email login. I'll prepare materials to welcome and support people joining based loosely on Salmon's framework.

Each delegate will be asked to keep a blog to record the lessons they plan with their classes and review them. Because Blogger is again freely available to us and allows private blogs that can be restricted to members of a group, it is ideal - enabling perhaps greater honesty and opens than something public would support. This will be a good place to start formative assessment and peer support.

I'd like to maintain a directory of teaching resource links for delegates to use and improve. A Wiki would be ideal for this. I'd expect contributions to vary a fair bit from person to person in the groups and to have to put in some material for people who hadn't offered it themselves. I would generally just use Google Docs for something like this but will look at alternatives.

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