Sunday, 21 February 2016

Personal Presence

This is my effort to show how that fourth presence in the COI might be represented (for references and the story so far, see this blog post).

What I'm trying to do is show that external to the classic community of inquiry model, there are other factors in play that I'm calling Personal Presence (as opposed to Emotional Presence (Reintes and Rivers), Autonomy Presence (Lam) or Agency Presence (Anderson)).

I draw it like this as opposed to a fourth circle in the venn because I think it interacts with all three other areas, and is by it's nature outside it. I call it personal because I think it's related to personalising learning (in the sense of the learner actively engaging and shaping, not the system adapting to some kind of needs assessment).

Personal Agency is what you bring to the party as it were:

  • How you emotionally are prepared to take part and learn.
  • How you understand and are able to pitch in and become an active part of the community itself - which will require the kinds of skills and support Salmon writes about.
  • How you use your wider, extended network of professional contacts and resources to influence your involvement with the COI, including tools you use - which is highly relevant to the writing on PLEs.

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