Thursday, 7 January 2016


Describe three game elements that appear in any of the top 20 UK web sites (they can be in the same of different sites). Describe the activity these elements support and the intended real-world behaviour they are intended to promote.
Use of Avatars (and most others in the higher end of the chart) seek frequent visits and identification with the product and brand - so although the only real purpose served by allowing the user to place an avatar photo on the homepage is to let me know I have logged in (which is already done via a text label) I have the ability to add an avatar.


Also, seeking to add an element of chance, and even actual game play, Google change the design of a key element of the home page with a Doodle, allowing them to commemorate events, but also to associate themselves with positive features associated with that thing or person.


As a user completes the various online training elements for the different Google services (like Gmail) they can earn certificates and badges when they score above a particular score in an online test (the tests are very simple to do so success is virtually assured). This again builds loyalty and commitment to there particular offering.

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