Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Virtual Worlds Activity

Describe three features of this use of a virtual world that are not game-related.
  • The presentation of previously covered content in a new context through text and animations, intended to resonate with the student's experience in other parts of the course and consolidate learning.
  • Students to access the activity on demand and as often as required.
  • The resources needed to present the material and create the space is one off and not a recurring one - so it scales to future and broader use easily

Describe three features that could fit within a game.
  • The use of things like clothing and safety equipment where failure to follow the taught process can result in 'failure,' correct use can release activities or add to a score.
  • The requirement to carry out actions in a particular sequence or in response to certain events on screen - so testing the student's understanding.
  • Response to questions posed by the system to test the student's understanding.

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