Friday, 13 November 2015

Notes on the Leicester DigiLit Report(s)

I immediately engaged far more with this report than the others presented as it was focused on providing a useful framework for improvement rather than abstract study (not to say that everything has to be practical, but much I've read around digital literacy is a mix of opinion and attempts to conceptualise that aren't necessarily going to help advance anything).

The Digitlit project describes Digital Literacy within these areas using four levels of development (Entry, Core, Developer and Pioneer).

  • Finding, Evaluating and Organising 
  • Creating and Sharing
  •  Assessment and Feedback
  •  Communication, Collaboration and Participation
  •  E-Safety and Online Identity
  •  Technology supported Professional Development

Having done an initial baseline survey of the education workforce in the city's secondary schools they have coordinated a series of interventions before carrying out a second evaluation exercise (the fact that this was completed by a higher proportion of the staff implies (but doesnt prove) an overall increase in engagement.

The area where the workforce showed the highest proportion of confidence was in eSafety and Online Identity (perhaps unsurprising in view of the close relationship with safeguarding training, inspection focus on the area and the compelling case for all staff to engage with the area). The lowest confidence was in Communication, Collaboration and Participation.

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