Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Life after the Personal Computer

This blog post by Ben Evans "Mobile Ecosystems and the death of PCs" I think takes on what is actually quite obvious but sets it out clearly and logically. I must admit, I sometimes find even the IT suites at Leicester University a bit... quaint; I have spent a lot of time considering how you put together a strategy for investing in and supporting something you know is on the way to obsolescence!

Thinking of digital literacy... what value now on all these arguments about "children need to leave school able to use Excel?"

The point the blog post makes about each new generation of technology first carving out a niche for itself and gaining acceptance, before replacing the systems that came before it is well-made.

For a funnier look at the death of the PC and the rise of touch based devices (especially if you like to see someone throwing £000's of Apple equipment about) I commend this simple and rather insightful little video.

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