Friday, 13 November 2015

Learner Experience: Critical Reading - Huw Davies

Read three blog posts on Huw Davies’ blog on digital natives, summarise the key points in a blog post
Digital nativism and online youth: separating fact from fiction is an inspiring read as I agree with it so strongly!
"This is patent nonsense, and unworthy of in-depth analysis."
This quote summarises much of my response to the early reading in this area (or alternatively "this is patently obvious and unworthy of in-depth analysis").

"In Australia, Bennett et al. argue that the Digital Native’s axiomatic adoption has created the academic equivalent of a ‘moral panic’ that restricts critical and rational debate"
Having come to this blog post immediately after the Kennedy et al (2008) paper I particularly picked up on this point. We do suffer from a moral panic about change for its own sake rather than a considered approach based on evidence (and the data sample used by Kennedy and the research line - simply correlating technological activity versus attitude is not a hard one to follow).

Perhaps I was right to be cynical about Shift Happens after all....

From digital nativism to youth ‘savviness’: A Foucauldian perspective is a short piece that continues to critique the writing around 'digital natives' focusing in particular on the use of the word "savvy" as a description of young people as being technologically literate. The piece seems to say the word is misused but was never used by Prensky anyway.

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