Friday, 13 November 2015

Five video clips were produced with learners reflecting on their use of technologies. Watch the videos and summarise the main ways in which technologies are being used and the learners' perceptions of these. These videos were taken before social media started to have a significant impact, write a blog post reflecting on the ways in which new technologies that have emerged in recent years are having an impact and consider what are the implications for learning. Then, watch Michael Wesch's video, 'A vision of students of today'.
I found it very difficult to fully engage with this part of the unit as I don't feel the content has aged well. Many of the points made are not news for anyone who has worked with young people for the last 15 years. At the time they were produced, the notion of blogging, remote working, social interaction around the course, might have been useful to raise awareness, but I don't really feel the urge to write at length about them.

The Michael Wesch video though is very hard hitting and makes many valid points - not all of them necessarily about technologies, but perhaps as much about the nature of big, monolithic courses themselves. There are two lines of argument in response to this kind of material. My preference is the one where we accept that change has happened and we need to adapt and improve. The counter-argument (that I hear often) is that "young people need to adapt to the needs of society and norms, those laptops need putting away." Many commentators in the media with real influence would respond in that way to the video and they have considerable influence with government and the education establishment.

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