Saturday, 14 November 2015

Digital Literacy - a simplified staff DigiLit Framework

Reflecting on the reading and work around Digital Literacy in the last 10 days and my own need at work to incorporate something achievable and useful into my own practice, I've worked on a model for a very simple staff statement of skills.

It began with the Leicester Digital Literacy framework ( which I could well have simply adopted wholesale - it is in my view by far the most practical and useful toolkit 'out there' and released under Creative Commons license, but I wanted something that:

  • Was even simpler and even more purposeful. 
  • Work as a tool to give a framework for professional development that responds to the earlier thoughts on being about
    • competent use of a core toolset
    • fostering independent discovery and sharing new tools and professional practice as being a fundamental part of the role
  • Could be used at scale, in 30+ schools spread large geographical area.
Please click on the image to open the document itself

I would greatly welcome comments and challenges! The grid itself will go through further development over the coming weeks, I'm very happy for it to be shared and adapted by anyone that finds it useful.

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