Thursday, 29 October 2015

Reflection and Communication

Add two videos which you think exemplify the nature of new technologies and/or their implications for learning
The first video I've chosen is from  Roger Nixon is a teacher a Wheatley Park school – I picked this presentation  which I watched at BETT (and Roger’s school have already moved on a long way in the 2 years since) because of the way he has taken something free, that students would recognise as such an obvious way of doing things, to replace traditional ways of working in the staffroom. The fact that instead of just talking about it he does it also makes me feel happy to recommend it!

My second choice is both more 'strategic' and less directly relevant to the content of the week's work, but I think it is a good choice nonetheless. The clip is from TeachersTV about System Redesign because I think that simply expecting technological change to ‘transform schooling’ is na├»ve and likely to lead to a few years of pain and lost opportunities (OK, I think it IS leading to a few years of pain and lost opportunities). This film shows a number of schools rethinking how a school can be, and if you watch it the number of opportunities to apply all the exciting technological solutions to make a difference is staggering.

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